Top 4 Job Tips

  1. Stay positive.
  Some times a job search takes longer than is anticipated and it can
  get discouraging. Hang in there. Face the reality that it may take
  some time and plot your course accordingly.
  2. Keep the initiative.
  New jobs become available all the time. Be persistent and check the
  job boards and keep in ongoing contact with your network.
  3. Expand your network.
  Reach out and reconnect with all of your past coworkers or fellow
  students. The more you grow your network the better chance someone
  will know of a job opportunity that may not even be posted yet.
  Getting in the door early is a clear advantage.
  4. Promote yourself.
  It may feel like bragging and that's exactly what it is. You need to
  develop yourself just like a brand then sell yourself to those who are
  hiring. Everyone wants to buy the best so make yourself shine. Make
  sure your resume also reflects your best, it's your calling card.

More Job Search Tips!

Improve Your Skill Set
Employers are looking for people with experience and skills in certain areas. If you don't have the skills for the job you want, get them. There are many online classes from accredited universities that can quickly get you acclimated in a number of areas.

Ask Questions
In an interview, it is easy to become too focused on sharing your own information. Ask questions. Find out not only what a company is looking for but what type of environment they provide employees. The answers they provide will help shape what information you decide to share with them and what the job workplace would likely be like when they offer you a job.

Job Interview Follow Up
How soon is too soon? Send a thank you email to all those who interviewed you and do it by the next day at the latest. Decisions and impressions can be made quickly so be prompt. This not only sets the tone as to your responsible working style but it leaves a positive impression with your potential employers. Follow up once a week to see if you can provide any more information for them and keeps your name top of mind during their decision process.


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